Max Weber in the world

Wolfgang-Paul-Saal, Universitätsclub Bonn

On the occasion of its 10th anniversary, the Foundation of German Humanities Institutes Abroad (DGIA) would like to invite you to its international conference "Max Weber in the world".

Max Weber‘s research spanned the fields of history, cultural studies, economics and social science. His research was interdisciplinary cross-bordered and transnational. That also applies to the research of the ten humanities institutes abroad that are consolidated under the umbrella association of the Foundation DGIA. These institutes are located in Beirut, Istanbul, London, Moscow, Paris, Rome, Tokyo, Warsaw and Washington. By discussing the worldwide effect and reception of Max Weber, the Foundation turned its attention to a topic which is related to its international orientation. Simultaneously the DGIA will use the conference as an opportunity to officially announce the inclusion of Max Weber into the Foundation’s name.

The conference "Max Weber in the world" is dedicated to the question of Max Weber’s impact on the scientific developments and discussions within the host countries of DGIA’s institutes abroad, during which the reception and effect of his studies will be demonstrated. Furthermore, the conference will address the extent to which Weber‘s work was affected by his extended journeys and stays abroad. Besides Weber‘s international reception throughout history, other key questions will be his impact on the present, as well as the constraints and the potential of his oeuvre. Weber’s scientific research is currently, almost 100 years after his death, still up to date.

04.–05.07.2012, Anniversary Conference: "Max Weber in the world". Conference of the Foundation of German Humanities Institutes Abroad (DGIA))"