Tuesday, 23. January 2018

Dada. Hybridation et sources extraoccidentales

23.01.2018, Studientag, DFK Paris

Friday, 26. January 2018

Heritage, Decolonisation and the Field: A Conference

26.-27.01.2018, Konferenz, DHI London

Wednesday, 14. February 2018

In Global Transit - Jewish Migrants from Hitler’s Europe in Asia, Africa, and Beyond

14.-18. Februar 2018, Konferenz, Indien

Wednesday, 14. February 2018

Peace Movements and Democratic Culture in Southern Europe during the 1970s and 1980s

14.02.-16.02.2018, Konferenz, DHI Rom

Sunday, 18. March 2018

Student Workshop | Questions of Technique in Art History

18.-24.03.2018, Workshop, Paris

Thursday, 22. March 2018

Settlement and Unsettlement - The Ends of World War I and their Legacies

22-24.03.2018, Stiftungskonferenz, DHI Washington