Friday, 01. December 2017

WeberWorldCafé „Russland in Europa – Europa in Russland“

01.12.2017, Deutsches Historisches Museum Berlin

Tuesday, 05. December 2017

Knowledge in Flight: Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Scholar Rescue in North America

05.-08.12.2017, Workshop, New York

Thursday, 07. December 2017

Chronologics: Periodisation in a Global Context

07.-09.12.2017, Konferenz, Berlin

Tuesday, 09. January 2018

Borders, Mobility and New Infrastructures in an Age of Shifting Power Configurations

09.-10.01.2018, Workshop, Singapur

Tuesday, 23. January 2018

Dada. Hybridation et sources extraoccidentales

23.01.2018, Studientag, DFK Paris

Friday, 26. January 2018

Heritage, Decolonisation and the Field: A Conference

26.-27.01.2018, Konferenz, DHI London