Ausschreibung: Echo of 1968: Fifty Years Later 1968/2018 (DHI Moskau)

Bewerbungsschluss: 25. September 2018

School of Philology, National Research University Higher School of Economics, German Historical Institute in Moscow and National Film Archive of Czech Republic

hold an interdisciplinary international scientific conference

ECHO of 1968: Fifty years later 1968/2018 (Moscow, 25-26 October 2018).

The conference is devoted to the scientific reflection of the events of 1968, their impact on the development of modern society and the Humanities.

The following topics are discussed:

  • Political disasters of 1968 and their consequences;
  • Parallelism of the events of 1968 in Europe and in the Soviet Union;
  • Freedom and non-freedom in the real world;
  • Alterations of the social landscape;
  • New humanity, new institutions, new educational policy;
  • Everything continues: aesthetic and political ideas 1968/2018;
  • New Art Language; Text and Digital Humanities.

The conference is accompanied by a documentary exhibition "1968. Historical retrospection", based on the declassified archival documents.

Conference organizing committee: Elena Penskaya (chairman), Nikolaus Katzer, Sandra Dalke, Michal Bregant, Lev Gudkov, Naum Kleiman, Maxim Krongauz, Marietta Chudakova, Eugene Yasin, Eugenia Abelyuk, Peter Bagrov, Andrey Bystritsky, Alexander Kamensky, Olga Kuptsova, Vitaliy Kurennoy, Alexey Rutkevich, Irene Savelyeva, Alexander Filippov.

We invite to take part in the conference scholars of different schools and directions, specialists in history, cultural experts, philologists, linguists, philosophers and historians of science. Applications for participation in the conference, including a brief summary of the report, are accepted until September 25, 2018 at: hse.year1968(at)