Call for Proposals: Peace and Security in Times of Transition: The Socialist and Post-Socialist States in International Peacekeeping since 1945

Bewerbungsschluss: 01. Dezember 2019

Date: September/October, 2020
Venue:German Historical Institute in Moscow



A modern history of international peacekeeping – in the broader sense of peace operations - is best conceptualized as an analysis integrating national, international, and global perspectives. In doing so, it would pay attention to domestic, diplomatic, military, legal, and cultural dimensions and combine a study of the actions and the conceptual frameworks of nation-states, non-state actors, and international governmental and non-governmental organizations.  
The contribution of socialist states and their successors remains an understudied field. In fact, socialist/post-socialist willingness or unwillingness to participate in or even to design international peacekeeping efforts, whether organized by the United Nations or by regional organizations, provide important insights into the given states’ self-conception, international positions, their understanding of chances and risks of international cooperation with possible supranational expansions. They also relate to their interpretation of corresponding fundamental questions like the balance between state sovereignty and territorial integrity, the importance of individual and collective rights in international affairs, and political, military, economic, ecologic, or cultural definitions and dimensions of peace and security in general. At the same time, they demonstrate given capabilities and incapability for international cooperation and adaption to changing international environments. Our conference will focus on corresponding socialist and post-socialist approaches to international peacekeeping in times of international and/or national transition 
Proposals may address, but are not limited to the following concrete research questions:

  • Terminology  
  • Case studies on single contributions, crises, operations, and periods 

Conference Language: English 
Outcomes: Papers from the conference will be collated for a special issue of a journal or an edited volume in a specialised series.  
Deadline for Proposal Submission: December 1, 2019
We will inform participants on acceptance of papers by February 1, 2020.