Critical Analysis of Conceptual Issues in the Current Work on Migration: Cross-Border Migration as the Transnational Social Question

27.11.2015, Vortrag, OI Beirut

In nineteenth century Europe, the "social question" was the central subject of extremely volatile political conflicts between the ruling classes and working-class movements. Are we now on the verge of a new social conflict, this time on a cross-border scale, characterised by manifold boundaries, such as those between capital and labour, North and South, developed and underdeveloped or developing countries? Looking at cross-border migration, this lecture exemplifies crucial mechanisms resulting in the reproduction of old inequalities and the emergence of new ones, and shows how the "transnational social question" relates to political conflicts around these inequalities. The lecture is the public keynote address of a two day workshop on "Migration Studies: Reflections and Challenges".

This lecture by Thomas Faist will beginn at 6 p.m.

Thomas Faist is professor for sociology and deputy dean at the Faculty of Sociology at Bielefeld University. His fields of interest are transnational relations, migration, citizenship, social policy and development.