Deindustrialization: The Structural Transformation of Nord-Ovest and the Ruhr in Comparative Perspective

18.04. - 20.04.2018, Konferenz, DHI Rom

Deindustrialization in Europe has followed an uneven development, which has affected particular regions and cities more strongly than societies as a whole, and transformed particular sectors rather than the entire economy of a nation. This conference aims to make an important addition to deindustrialization studies by marking the beginning of a comparative regional history that takes multidisciplinary perspectives required to better understand the complexities and effects of deindustrialization processes. Experts in the field will meet at the German Historical Institute in Rome to discuss two examples of the most heavily industrialized regions in Italy and Germany, the Ruhr and Northwest Italy. Both have experienced dramatic structural changes over the second half of the twentieth century. Comparing them makes visible the distinctly transformative developments at the regional level and allows us to contextualize the sustained German-Italian comparison in a wider framework beyond the national. As both regions have taken very different paths in their economic, social, environmental, urban and cultural histories, they can learn from each other and serve as examples for others.

Programm (PDF)


Stefano Musso
Università degli Studi di Torino
Via Verdi, 8 - 10124 Torino