Double Exposure – Jewish Refugees from Austria in Britain

26.06.-06.09.2013, Ausstellung, DHI London

Following Austria’s annexion by Nazi Germany (the Anschluss) in 12 March 1938, many Jews tried to emigrate and obtain visas to other countries. About 30 000 found refuge in the UK where they were able to survive the war and start a new live.

The exhibition Double Exposure, designed by Dr Bea Lewkowicz, portrays the lifes of twenty five refugees who had to flee Austria as children and young adults. It explores their double exposure both to the cultures of Austria and Britain, as well as to the lenses of a still and a video camera. Depicted in a moment of conversation, the portraits are complemented by messages expressed in the interviews, personal memorabilia and a documentary following the lives of the depicted men and women.

Most of the interviews are part of the audio-visual archive Refugee Voices, a groundbreaking Holocaust testimony collection of 150 filmed interviews with Jewish survivors and refugees from Nazism who rebuilt their lives in Great Britain. The project was commissioned by the Association of Jewish Refugees (AJR) and directed by Dr Anthony Grenville and Dr Bea Lewkowicz. The Refugee Voices Archive is available in the library of the German Historical Institute London. This will be the first time that the exhibition and the archive will be accessible together.