Encounters at the Eastern Front Reconsidered: New Research for an Encyclopaedia of World War I

21.-24.11.2013, Tagung, DHI Warschau

Panel des Deutschen Historischen Instituts Warschau auf der 45rd Annual Convention of the Association for Slavic, East European and Eurasian Studies, Boston, 21.-24. November 2013

The Eastern European perspective has hitherto been largely underrepresented regarding research on World War I, with the setting even being called the “forgotten front”. The German Historical Institute in Warsaw is collaborating with numerous partners in the creation of an international English-language online-encyclopedia of World War I. The aim is i.a. to analyze the changeful events on the wide-stretching Eastern Front, including the significant impact of the local acts of war and the occupational regimes, particularly on Polish territory. Several research results have been achieved within the Warsaw-based project group, a number of which are to be presented here.

Chair:Ruth Leiserowitz, German Historical Institute Warsaw

Two Kinds of Anti-semitism? Jews in the Eyes of Austrian and German Occupiers
Stephan Lehnstaedt, German Historical Institute Warsaw

State Formation in No Man’s Land: Lithuania between the Withdrawal of German
Troops and the Onset of the Polish-Soviet
Klaus Richter, University of Birmingham

Austrian and German Occupiers in the Eyes of the Polish Inhabitants
Piotr Szlanta, German Historical Institute Warsaw

Discussant: Piotr Wrobel, University of Toronto (Canada)