From Clara Law to Heague Yang: Attempts to Represent (or Imagine) the Migrant Experience through Moving Image

04.04.2019, Vortrag, DFK Paris

Special Guest Lecture by Yung Ma

This presentation will begin as a reflection on the two-fold project ‘Mobile M+: Moving Images’ which took place in Hong Kong in 2015 across multiple sites. It comprised an exhibition and a screening programme with over 50 international participants under an overarching theme of representing and imagining the migrant experience through moving image works.

The presentation will also be my attempt to delineate and examine the project-making process. It will highlight works by a number of the participants as a way to illustrate how the project was conceived and how it manifested. And more precisely, it will reflect on how such a project might look today with our now even more complicated relationship with the notion of the migrant experience.

Moderation: Mona Schieren

This presentation is a part of the Workshop “Diasporic Imaginaries

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