German Unification Symposium 2015: The Challenges of Unified Germany

27.10.2015, Vortrag und Diskussion, DHI Washington

Guest lecture by Gregor Gysi at the German Historical Institute in Washington, D.C.

Gregor Gysi has been an important and at times controversial public figure in post-unification Germany. Until recently, he served as the leader of the Left Party faction (Die Linke) in the German Bundestag, where he also represented the Berlin Treptow-Köpenick district as one of the few directly elected members from a minority party. Prior to the fall of the Berlin Wall and unification, Gysi was a member of the SED's Gorbachev-inspired reformist camp. As a licensed attorney in East Germany, he defended several prominent dissidents. After the fall of the GDR regime, Gysi headed the SED and guided the party's transformation into the post-communist PDS, before it eventually joined with the West German WAGS to form the Left Party.

This lecture has been generously funded by a bequest from Michael Olshausen to the Friends of the German Historical Institute.

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The events starts at 6 p.m.