Germans into Allies. Writing a Diary of 1945

21.10.2015, Vortrag, Georgetown University

The BMW Center for German and European Studies at Georgetown University, the DAAD, and the German Historical Institute in Washington, D.C. present 

Germans into Allies. Writing a Diary in 1945.

A talk by Dr. Stefan Ludwig-Hoffmann (UC Berkeley).

In "Germans into Allies. Writing a Diary in 1945", Hoffmann will explore diaries as a source for understanding the compressed time of deep historical ruptures. Along with Reinhart Koselleck and other historical thinkers, Hoffmann asks how catastrophic events (genocide, urbicide), which participants themselves had or may have anticipated, could still manifest as shocking surprises. By focusing on Berlin as a shattered, multinational space in transit from war to peace, Hoffmann will also investigate the resilience of urban life after catastrophe.

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