Global Trade in the Maghreb, West Africa and the Atlantic, c.1450–1550: Revising the role of European Merchant Networks

12.10. und 19.10.2021, Tagung, online

Tagung des Deutschen Historischen Instituts Rom

Among historians, traditional narratives of the "Age of Discovery" have largely given way to more nuanced understandings of encounter and cross-cultural exchange. Archaeological work and previously unknown archival sources continue to yield information about disparate sites in Africa and America during the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. Rather than being viewed as a unidirectional process of "expansion", late medieval and early modern European engagement with African and American societies can increasingly be understood in relation to parallel developments and precedents rooted in those societies' own histories. Our goal for this conference is to compare and contrast classic interpretations of economic exchanges linking western Europe to the broader world with recent studies of the Maghreb, West Africa, Macaronesia, West Central Africa, Mesoamerica, and the Caribbean during the century from approximately 1450 to 1550.

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Livestream. Bitte schreiben Sie zur Anmeldung eine E-Mail an info-event(at)dhi-roma(dot)it. Anmeldeschluss ist der 11. bzw. 18. Oktober 2021.

In Zusammenarbeit mit dem Staatsarchiv Genua.

Organisation: Carlo Taviani (DHI Rom/Universität Zürich), David Wheat (Michigan State University).