"Here we come'"

03. November 2014, Filmaufführung, DHI Washington

Beginn: 18:30

Not even the Berlin Wall could keep the youth of East Germany from discovering the western hip-hop movement. The American film Beat Street inspired teenagers like Magic Meyer and Beatschmidt to copy and improvize steps and clothing styles. This documentary contains footage from the movement’s roots to its appearance on some of East Germany’s largest stages, and interviews with some of East Germany’s B-Boys. It also portrays the changes in East German hip-hop after the Wall came down.

Nico Raschick studied at the Baden-Wuerttemberg Film Academy. He is an author and director of other films, including the 2010 shortThe Final Fax.

Raschick’s travel was made possible by the German Historical Institute, Washington, DC, with generous support by a bequest from Michael Olshausen to the Friends of the German Historical Institute.

This event is part of the event series The Wall in Our Heads.