Hermann Cohen and Franz Rosenzweig – German Jewish Patriots in the Great War

12.06.2014, Vortrag, DHI London

The lecture explores the German patriotism of the eminent Jewish philosophers Hermann Cohen and Franz Rosenzweig. While Cohen thought that his messianic ideas found their realization in the Kaiser’s German Reich, Rosenzweig was more sober and modern. He equally did not see any contradiction between his Jewishness and his Germanness, however, less naive than Cohen, he supported Friedrich Naumann’s idea of a German hegemony in Central Europe. After the Holocaust, this seems almost incredible! However, were their ideas really that wrong and do we not owe justice to them? Was there a Jewish cause in it after all?

Micha Brumlik is Professor Emeritus at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität Frankfurt/M. His recent publications include: Kurze Geschichte: Judentum (2009), Entstehung des Christentums (2010), Zu Eduard Fuchs „Die Juden in der Karikatur” (2013), Messianisches Licht und Menschenwürde, Politische Theorie aus Quellen jüdischer Tradition (2013).

This lecture is part of a series organised by the Leo Baeck Institute London, the Jewish Museum and the Fritz Bauer Institut, Frankfurt/Main, in cooperation with the German Historical Institute London.

Lectures will be held at the German Historical Institute London,17 Bloomsbury Square,LondonWC1A 2NJ and begin at 6.30pm.

Admission is free but places are strictly limited and must be reserved in advance by contacting the Leo Baeck Institute, London(email: info@leobaeck.co.uk or phone 020 7882 5690).