International Law in the First World War – Workshop of Professor Dr. Isabel V. Hull

12.-14.02.2014, Workshop


16.30 Isabel V. Hull (Cornell University/Munich)
Welcoming Remarks

17.00 Reception at the Historisches Kolleg


9.30 Daniel Marc Segesser (Universität Bern)
Limiting War by Law? International Conventions and the jus in bello before and at the beginning of the First World War

10.15 Isabel V. Hull (Cornell University/Munich)
The Imperial German Understanding of International Law

11.00 Coffee Break

11.30 Peter Holquist (University of Pennsylvania)
Baron Nolde and the Russian Guidelines for Conducting the War, July-August 1914

12.15 Lunch at the Historisches Kolleg

13.30 Alan Kramer (Trinity College, Dublin)
International law on prisoners of war and civilian internment, during and after the First World War

14.15 Jens Thiel (Humboldt Universität zu Berlin)
A war crime? Deportation and Forced Labour in Belgium During World War I

15.00 Coffee Break

15.30 Stephen Neff (University of Edinburgh)
Old Wine in New Bottles: The Challenge of New Technology to the Law of Blockade.

16.15 Marcus Payk (Humboldt Universität zu Berlin)
International lawyers in government service in France, Great Britain, and the US during the First World War

19.00 Conference Dinner



9.00 Jonathan Gumz (University of Birmingham)
International Law and Restoring the Legitimacy of Austria-
Hungary in World War I

9.45 Holger Afflerbach (University of Leeds)
Surrender and the Role of International Law

10.30 Coffee Break

11.00 Birthe Kundrus (Universität Hamburg)
Summary and Open Questions
Concluding General Discussion

12.00 Conference Lunch and Closing of Conference

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