Japan’s Corporate Governance Code - Driver of Change?

09.04.2015, Vortrag, DIJ Tokyo

Japan has promulgated a corporate governance code for all corporations listed on Japan’s stock markets. The Code is based on the comply-or-explain principle. Will it change the way Japanese corporations are governed? This question will be taken up by two speakers who have been involved in the consultations leading up to the Code, although they do not necessarily share the same views. In his introductory statement, Mr. Benes will explain how the Code came about and what possible impacts he expects. Mr. Seki will comment and add his insights and perspectives. After both speakers have exchanged their views, the discussion will be opened to the floor. The Forum will close with a reception to allow for further discussions and networking. 

A lecture by Nicholas Benes (BDTI / Takaya Seki, Corporate Practice Partner Inc.).

Start: 6.30 p.m.

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