Mediterranean Mobilities and Borders

21.06.2018 - 24.06.2018, Workshop, OI Istanbul

The workshop is part of an endeavor by the DFG-supported academic network "A Modern Mediterranean: Dynamics of a World Region, 1800-2000" and its partners to tie together the often disparate histories around the Mediterranean to a history of the Mediterranean in modern times. Rather than postulating a unity and specificity of the region though, we understand the Mediterranean as a contact zone between Africa, Asia, and Europe, which is in turn intertwined with other spaces of interaction. Within this endeavor, the workshop aims to clarify the nature and quality of mobilities around and across the modern Mediterranean as well as their limits.
With the advent of steamships, the region saw mobility on an unprecedented scale, accelerating the movement of goods, ideas, and people. Migratory movements, tourism, and pilgrimages evolved into mass phenomena, but so did the regulatory mechanisms aimed at curbing, channeling, or exploiting mobility. The workshop will investigate the interactions and interdependencies of modern Mediterranean mobilities with aspects of power, with class, gender, and generational identities, and with images of the region. It aims to develop a common perspective on these mobilities.


Malte Fuhrmann

Istanbul Bilgi University European Institute


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