Migration and the Great Recession

04.04.2014, Vortrag, DHI Washington

Demetrios G. Papademetriou is President and Co-Founder of the Migration Policy Institute (MPI), a Washington-based think tank dedicated exclusively to the study of international migration. He is also President of Migration Policy Institute Europe, a nonprofit, independent research institute in Brussels that aims to promote a better understanding of migration trends and effects within Europe; serves on MPI Europe's Administrative Council; and chairs the Advisory Board of the Open Society Foundations' (OSF) International Migration Initiative.

Date/Time: April 4, 2014, 4:00 - 5:30 pm

This keynote lecture, organized together with the Migration Policy Institute, is part of the conference "Migration during Economic Downturns-from the Great Depression to the Great Recession" taking place at the GHI from April 4 to 5, 2014.