Social Innovation, Social Entrepreneurship and NPOs: The Case of Food Banks in Japan

22.07.2015, Vortrag, DIJ Tokyo

This presentation by Nadine Vogel (FU Berlin/DIJ Tokyo) will be held in English and explore how NPOs in Japan utilize social innovation and diffuse new concepts in novel institutional contexts.

Drawing on Roger’s (2003) theory of diffusion of innovation, she focuses in particular on change agents who propagate new forms of organizational activities and who, at the same time, try to overcome institutional constraints stemming from corporate culture, social values and the regulatory environment. To illustrate this point, she will present an in-depth case study on so called Food Banks in Japan who collaborate with manufacturers, distributors and retailers to support people in need. Food Banks are part of a recent and worldwide wave of social aid and poverty relief movements – yet in Japan they are exceptional both with regard to their organizational structure as well to the instruments they apply. The presentation will demonstrate challenges and obstacles to social innovation specific to Japan as well as, more generally, shed light on the diffusion of social innovation.

The talk will start at 18:30.

All interested members of the public are welcome to attend, but registration with Phoebe Stella Holdgrün (holdgruen(at) is appreciated.

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