Temporalization of Cultural Difference: Time Regime and the Perception of Indian Statehood in Early Modern German Travelogues

07.02.2017, Vortrag, DHI London

Antje Flüchter (Bielefeld)
In the early modern period most travellers wrote almost admiringly about Indian statehood, whereas in modern times India is mostly seen as a developing country, which still has to catch up with the Western world. The lecture will explore this shift, focusing on court ceremonial, the formation of elites, and policies on religions.

Antje Flüchter is Professor of Early Modern History at Bielefeld University. Her research interests are in transcultural studies, European–Asian contacts, transnational history, and the history of knowledge. She is the author of Der Zölibat zwischen Norm und Devianz: Kirchenpolitik und Gemeindealltag in Jülich und Berg im 16. und 17. Jahrhundert (2006) and co-editor of Dimensions of Transcultural Statehood (2014).