The Lebanese Constitution: Legality in the Arena of Political Philosophy

08.07.2014, Vortrag, OI Beirut

The Lebanese constitution and the National pact are often depicted as identical in nature. It even became widely accepted to reduce a political agreement such as the Taef accord or the Doha settlement into a mere legal text only to be studied by jurists. But upon further inspection one can discover fundamental discrepancies between the constitution and the pact of philosophical order.

Concepts such as “legitimacy”, “sovereignty”, and “pact of coexistence” are intrinsically non-legal, and only by uncovering their political potential can we grasp the intricacies of the Lebanese political regime. It is this lack to understand the philosophical foundations of these modern notions that transforms them into a legal weapon in the hands of the different political parties.

Lecture by Wissam el-Lahham.

Start: 6pm