The Re-invention of Traditions in the Middle East

07.-09.08.2021, Panel, online

I U A E S International Union of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences Commission on the Middle East in cooperation with Orient-Institut Istanbul

  • via Zoom, August 7-9, 2021 (Zoom link and password will be sent in late July)

The Re-invention of Traditions in the Middle East

Chair of the Commission: Dr Soheila Shahshahani Executive
Secretary of the Commission: Dr Farniyaz Zaker
TechnicalHosting: Dr. Katja Rieck


1. Is Patriarchy in Crisis in the Middle East? (chair: Soraya Tremayne)
2. Educational Perspective on Immigration in the Middle East (chair: Esther Hertzog)
3. Is there a Middle Eastern Body? (chair: Claudia Liebelt, Melike Sahinol)
4. Economic Anthropology (chair: Husain Ilahian)
5. Religious Rituals’ Reflection of Current Social Conditions in the Middle East (chair: Ingvild Flaskerud)
6. Eyebrows and Eyelashes in the Middle East (chair: Christian Bromberger)
7. NGO’s or another face of nations in the Middle East
8. Research in Progress (chair: Soheila Shahshahani)
9. Ethno-History of the Middle East: Accounts of Pandemic (chair: Fakhri Haghani)
10. Visual Anthropology and Film Projection (chair: Mina Rad)
11. Re-articulation of Tradition: Discourse Shift, Cultural Change and Politics (chair: Mehrdad Arabestani)
12. Environment including animals in the area

Further information and the program can be found here.