"Working for the Common Good": Prisons and the Ottoman War Effort during Worlds War I

17.03.2014, Vortrag, OI Istanbul

During the hight of Ottoman involvement in the Great War (1914-1918), the Comittee of Union and Progress (CUP) led government continued to carry out an agressive penal reform program in an attempt to overhaul the empire's sprawling and dilapidated network of prisons. Ottoman officials exerted great amounts of time, energy, and resources gathering statistics, conducting investigations, and implementing reforms. In 1916, the Ottoman government even hired a prominent German civilian criminal psychiatrist and prison reformer, Dr. Paul Pollitz, to oversee these efforts. Though these prison reforms predate the onset of WWI, Ottoman prisons were quickly incorporated into the Ottoman "total war" effort in terms of working for the common good (menafi-yi umumi). In other words, prisons served many wartime purposes.

Vortrag zum Themenkomplex Ersten Weltkrieg in englischer Sprache von Prof. Kent F. Schull (Binghamton University).

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