World War II, Nazi Crimes, and the Holocaust in the USSR

07.–09.12.2012, International Conference, Moscow

In cooperation with other institutions, the German Historical Institute Moscowinvites applications for a conference on World War II and the Holocaust in the Soviet Union. The conference will be held December 7-9, 2012, in Moscow, Russia, at the Higher School of Economics.

In the past decade, three related fields, each interdisciplinary in its own right, have developed exponentially but sometimes in isolation: the study of wartime Stalinism, the study of the Nazi occupation of Soviet territories, and the study of the Holocaust in the East. This conference will bring together the latest research conducted in all humanities and social science disciplines in order to foster new analytical perspectives and cross-fertilization in these and other key areas. The conference seeks to highlight new research in such areas as evacuation, refugees, and displaced persons; atrocities, mass killing, and mass graves; forced and slave labor; the dynamics of complicity, collaboration, and various forms of resistance; everyday life on the front and under occupation; understudied victims; occupier perspectives on the War and the Holocaust, including such acts as the starvation of Soviet POWs, and their contributions to the history of National Socialism; new perspectives on the Soviet wartime experience and the impact of war on the Soviet system; the study of the Soviet home front; Soviet-German interactions and entanglements, both in specific locales and in systemic terms; the cultural politics of representation and commemoration in the aftermath; gender; and communities and identities forged around the unprecedented experiences of war on the Eastern Front in World War II.

The conference will be conducted in English and Russian. Simultaneous translation will be provided.