DFK Paris

German-French Relations of Art, 1789 - 1870 (DFK Paris/in preparation)

DHI Moskau

DHI Paris


German-speaking Pilgrims Visiting Rome during Goethe’s Era (DHI Rom/Pontificium Institutum Teutonicum Sanctae Mariae de Anima)

Musici – European Musicians in Venice, Rome, and Naples (1650-1750): Music, National Identity, and Cultural Exchange (DHI Rom/ Ecole française de Rome/Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities)

Online-Edition Cesare Orsenigo 1930-1939 (DHI Rom/Commission for Contemporary History Bonn/Vatican Secret Archives)

Online-Edition Eugenio Pacelli 1917-1929 (DHI Rom/Vatican Secret Archives/Archives of the Secretariat of State/University of Münster)

Retro Conversion and Digitalization of the Libretti Collection (DHI Rom/Bavarian State Library, Munich)

RG online (DHI Rom)

Corpus of Inscriptions at Santa Maria dell'Anima (German Inscriptions Online/DHI Rom)

Book of the Dead of Santa Maria dell'Anima (DHI Rom/in preparation)

DHI Washington

DIJ Tokyo

MWS/Foundation Prussian Palaces and Gardens Berlin-Brandenburg

Frederick the Great’s Personal Spending Accounts (Max Weber Foundation/Foundation Prussian Palaces and Gardens Berlin - Brandenburg)

Ernst Samuel Jacob Borchward’s Journey through Frederick the Great’s Postdam in 1749 (Foundation Prussian Palaces and Gardens Berlin-Brandenburg)