Bibliographical Information on Contemporary Italian History

The German Historical Institute Rome has since 1974 been providing bibliographical information on the most recent Italian history for the German as well as the international scientific community in the field of modern history. Information includes new publications on the history of the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries that were published in Italian. This record was first established by Jens Petersen and distributed in print as part of the working group on Italy’s most recent history that has been cooperating since 1974. Since 1999, the information has been edited by Lutz Klinkhammer with support from Gerhard Kuck and Susanne Wesely. Publications after 1999 are being registered in a relational data base which receives an additional 2,500 monographic titles every year and allows comfortable research opportunities for external visitors. Those 20,000 new publications from the 1990s that were registered in the collection can be accessed on the website of the GHI Rome via a PDF file that allows for free research in the whole texts.