German-French Relations of Art, 1871-1940


The German Forum for Art History in Paris has assembled a data base of texts which were published between 1871 and 1940 in French and German newspapers and have remained largely unknown. These discussions of exhibitions, books, travel reports, and monographic articles are concerned with art in the respective other country and deal primarily with painting and occasionally also with sculptures, architecture, craftwork, and graphics.

The data bases do not claim to include a complete collection of article from the timeframe. Reviews such as l’Amour de l’art, Cahiers d’art, Formes, la Gazette des Beaux-Arts, Le Mercure de France, La Revue blanche on the French side and Das Atelier, Das Kunstblatt, Der Cicerone, Der Kunstwart, Der Querschnitt, Der Sturm, Deutsche Kunst und Dekoration, Deutsch-französische Rundschau, Die Aktion, Die Christliche Kunst, Die Kunst für alle, Die Kunst im Dritten Reich, Die Kunst-Halle, Die Weltkunst, Feuer, Jahrbuch der jungen Kunst, Genius, Kunst und Künstler, Pan, Pantheon, Pariser Tageszeitung, Zeitschrift für bildende Kunst, Zeitschrift für Kunstgeschichte were analyzed systematically but other works were only examined selectively as part of research project carried out by the German Forum for Art History (see the list of publications below).

The research opportunities offered here provide new insight into the history of the relationship in the field of art between Germany and France. It also shows the necessity of applying a more nuanced approach to a discourse that is often rigid and dominated by stereotypes. These data bases are directed at researchers, non-professionals, and people interested in art and German-French relations.