Frederick the Great’s Personal Spending Accounts

The Prussian Palaces and Gardens Foundation Berlin-Brandenburg and the Prussian Privy State Archives in cooperation with provide a commented version of the accounts.

The online edition of Frederick the Great’s personal spending accounts combines digitized accounts of the Prussian Privy State Archives’ account books (Call Number: GStA PK, BPH, Rep. 47 König Friedrich II., Nr. 895-935), the journal of the royal coffers 1762–1765 (Call number: GStA PK, I. HA Geheimer Rat, Rep. 36 Hof- und Güterverwaltung, Nr. 570) and documents of the red coffers (Call number: Signatur: GStA PK, BPH, Rep. 47 König Friedrich II., Nr. 941) with an edition supported by data bases. Thus these vital accounts for studying the King’s private expenditures are now for the first time completely available which allows for systematical evaluation.