Online-Edition Cesare Orsenigo 1930-1939

The first part (1933) of the reports written by Cesare Orsenigo, apostolic nuncio in Germany between 1930 and 1939, published by Thomas Brechenmacher, has been available online since 2009. This is a project in cooperation between the GHI Rome, the Commission for Contemporary History in Bonn, and the Vatican Secret Archives.

Orsenigo’s reports from the year of the Nazi seizure of power are now for the first time being fully published including scientific commentary in German and represent a key source regarding the relationship between the Catholic Church, the papacy and Nazi Germany. Before the release of the Vatican files from the pontificate of Pope Pius XI (1922-1939) in 2003 only few individual excerpts of Orsenigo’s reports had been available. This edition of the reports will improve the knowledge of many details concerning the relationship between the Catholic Church and the Nazi regime.

The edition for 1933 contains around 200 documents, aside from reports by the nuncio also including numerous orders from Cardinal Secretary of State Pacelli to Nuntius. The edition is to be extended gradually in the next few years with the reports from 1930–1932 and 1934–1939.