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Repertorium Germanicum

Repertorium Germanicum, a project which was originally initiated by the director of the Prussian Historical Institute (1890-1892) and Nobel Peace Prize winner Ludwig Quidde, collects all German matters from all Vatican series of registers and financial documents between the Western Schism and the Reformation (1378-1517). Documents up until 1484 have now been evaluated. This not only serves German ecclesiastical, local, and territorial history but also presents a first-rate source for social, economic, and educational history. As far as possible, the Latin documents are collected under the name of the petitioner, be it a clergyman, a nun, a layman or an institution (monastery, city council). A system of abbreviations was developed specifically for this data base which also, for the first time, provides assistance for translations across the volumes.

Repertorium Poenitentiariae Germanicum

The opening of the archives of the Apostolic Penitentiary in the 1980s allowed the creation of the new series Repertorium Poenitentiariae Germanicum (RPG) under the leadership of Prof. Ludwig Schmugge. The penitentiary was allowed to issue dispensations and absolutions. The RPG provides as full texts those petitionary letters that concerned persons, churches and institutions in the German Empire. The register of petitionary letters contains records from 1410 until 1559, when the closing of the office was ordered by Pius V, and it contains around 150 volumes. In contrast to the Repertorium Germanicum, the handwritten order of entries in the register of petitionary letters has been maintained in the RPG: Beyond the content that can also be found in the RG, the RPG provides profound insight for the period between 1431 and 1492 and the moral conflicts of the clergy in the Late Middle Ages.