Gerda Henkel Visiting Professorship

British research into German history has been mainly dominated by topics such as the First World War and the period of National Socialism, while the history of the Federal Republic has so far remained largely disregarded.

For this reason, in 2008 the Gerda Henkel Foundation provided the German Historical Institute London with funds to establish a Visiting Professorship (Gerda Henkel Visiting Professorship) for the topic area of German history from 1890 to the present day. The aim is to promote modern German historical research within the European context. The professorship at the German Historical Institute is linked to a Visiting Professorship at the International History Department of the London School of Economics and Political Science and requires the holding of a seminar on modern German history as part of the MA course at the University.

The Visiting Professor is supported by funding from the Gerda Henkel Foundation, the German Historical Institute London and the London School of Economics and Political Science. By bearing the costs of a professorship, exceptionally qualified historians who teach and study in the field of modern history at German universities have the opportunity to undertake a major research project over the period of the grant.

  • 2009/2010: Prof. Dr. Johannes Paulmann (Mainz): "International aid and solidarity: Humanitarian committment and the media in Germany, c. 1950-1985"
  • 2010/2011: Prof. Dr. Christoph Cornelißen (Frankfurt am Main): "The British and German welfare states after 'the great boom': public debates on social inequality and social justice since the 1970s"
  • 2011/2012: Prof. Dr. Ute Daniel (Braunschweig): "Media and politics - an entangled history (c. 1900-1980)"
  • 2012/2013: Prof. Dr. Andreas Rödder (Mainz): "The History of the Pesent"
  • 2013/2014: Prof. Dr. Dorothee Wierling (Hamburg): "Coffee Worlds in Green Coffee and its Agents: The Hamburg Coffee Merchants in the 20th century"
  • 2014/2015: Prof. Dr. Kiran Klaus Patel (Maastricht): "Welfare in the Warfare State: Nazi Social Policy on the International Stage"