Friday, Oktober 5 2012: Bibliothèque Orientale/USJ and Theatre Monnot (Ashrafieh)

Sound Messages: Popular Music and Social and Political Transformation (Part 1) at Bibliothèque Orientale




Yves Gonzalez-Quijano (Université de Lyon)

"Arab Rap: A Culture of Revolution and a Revolution in Culture"

(Kopie 4)


Nicolas Puig (URMIS/CEMAM, USJ)

"Critical Sounds from the Periphery: Palestinian Electroin Lebanon"

(Kopie 8)



Linear and Non-Linear Narratives in the context of Arab Revolutions (Part 1) at Theatre Monnot


Hassan Choubassi (European Graduate School/Lebanese International University)

"The Masses: From the Implosion of Fantasies to the Explosion of the Political. From Actual to Virtual to Augmented"

(Kopie 10)


Monika Halkort (Queen’s University Belfast)

"Counting versus Narration. The Database as Political Form"

(Kopie 12)


Lev Manovich (University of San Diego)

"How to See One Million Images"