Asia’s New Ruralities

12.-13.08.2020, Konferenz, online

The DIJ Tokyo research fellows Sonja Ganseforth and Isaac Gagné will present their latest research on different aspects of rural Japan at the upcoming ‚Asia’s New Ruralities‘ online conference (August 12-13) at the University of Vienna. Based on case studies of small family businesses, cooperatives, and revitalization programmes in different fishing villages in Kyushu, Sonja’s paper „New Marinalities of Japanese Fishing Villages“ studies multiple influences on the shaping of new marine ruralities. Isaac’s paper „Local Economies of Care: The Impact of Demographic Changes on Social Welfare in Rural Japan“ analyzes the emergence of a resilient and innovative local economy of care among local actors and is based on results of his fieldwork in a rural community in Nagano Prefecture. Full programme and registration details here.