Education, Marginality and the Urban: Linkages and Intersections

26.06.2019, Podiumsdiskussion, DHI London

The panel discussion is framed by the conversations and early findings of the research group on Education and the Urban in India, which is run by the Max Weber Stiftung’s India Branch Office and the India Centre of the German Historical Institute London. The project consists of multi-sited research studies by several Indian scholars on the relationship between education and the complex dynamics of urbanisation. In particular, the research pays attention to the production of social differentiation and marginality in colonial, postcolonial and contemporary urban India. The panel will bring together some of the principal investigators of the group with scholars from the UK and Germany who are working on related themes to share perspectives emanating from their research engagement within different socio-political urban contexts. The discussion will focus on the intersectionalities of education, marginality and the urban space. The following lines of inquiry are of interest to us:

1. Schooling in the city and its relationship to contemporary discourses and practices of urban development
2. Educational policy, and multiple marginalisations of race, class, caste, gender, religion and nationality
3. Neo-liberal globalisation and intersectionalities of education, marginality and the hanging urban

Through this discussion we hope to arrive at a sharper theoretical and empirical understanding of the linkages between education and marginalisation in different urban contexts.

Isabel Ramos Lobato (ILS Research Institute for Regional and Urban Development Dortmund) 
Nandini Manjrekar (Tata Institute of Social Science Mumbai) 
Geetha B. Nambissan (JNU Delhi) 
Shivali Tukdeo (National Institute of Advanced Studies Bengaluru) 
Georgie Wemyss (University of East London) 
Moderator and commentator:
Meg Maguire (King’s College London) 

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