Kirche und Geistlichkeit als soziale Gemeinschaft in Russland vom 18. bis zum Beginn des 20. Jahrhunderts: Schlüsselbegriffe und Modelle

11.04.2014, Workshop, DHI Moskau

Internationaler Workshop

The workshoptakes place at the German Historical Institute in Moscowin connection withthe research project “Semantics of the Social.”The phenomenon of human society remains centralfor thehistorical sciences,but research approaches to this phenomenon have beenchanging fundamentallyandnow includethe studyof communities that emerged on the basis of various forms of communication (“public sphere”, “civil society”, “sociability” etc.). Language used in communication and semantic reference points determine individual identities and, at the same time,affect society as a whole. In our case, this concerns the social sphere of Imperial Russia, marked by hitherto unprecedented dynamicsand by the creation of a new concept of society/ obščestvo, a concept that isessentially still in use in Russia.

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Call for Papers

Deadline: March 1, 2014