National History and New Nationalism in the 21st Century

11.04.-13.04.2018, Konferenz, DHI Paris

11th–13th APRIL 2018


Organised by the German Historical Institute Paris

In cooperation with the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, the LabEx Écrire une nouvelle histoire de l’Europe, the German Historical Institute London, the German Historical Institute Rome, the German Historical Institute Warsaw and the German Institute for Japanese Studies Tokyo.


Wednesday 11th April 2018

Arrival of participants and registration

Tatjana SARANCA (Konrad Adenauer Foundation): Welcome

Chair: Pierre MONNET (IFRA Frankfurt)

Thomas MAISSEN (GHI Paris): Introduction

Stefan BERGER (University of Bochum): National Historical Master Narratives and War Museums in Contemporary Europe – a Comparative Analysis

Martin SABROW (Centre for Contemporary History, Potsdam): Challenging the German Aufarbeitungsdiskurs?

Chair: Éric BUSSIÈRE (Paris-Sorbonne University)

Georg KREIS (University of Basel): The Swiss Case: Also a Clash of Culture

Chris LORENZ (VU University Amsterdam): National History and New Nationalism in the 21st Century: the Dutch Case

Aurore CHERY (University of Lyon III): Usages publics de l’histoire et résurgence du roman national dans la France du XXIe siècle

Panel: National Narratives and Global History Olivier DARD (Paris-Sorbonne University) Etienne FRANÇOIS (Free University of Berlin) Pierre SINGARAVELOU (Pantheon-Sorbonne University) Chair: Beatrice HEUSER (University of Reading)

Cocktail dînatoire


Thursday 12th April 2018 

Chair: Isabelle DAVION (Paris-Sorbonne University)

Miloš REZNIK (GHI Warsaw): The Nation as Historical Actor and its Enemies. National Historical Narratives and their Ramifications in Present-Day Poland

Balázs TRENCSÉNYI (Central European University Budapest): Historical Politics and Authoritarian Regime-Building in Hungary after 2010

Florian BIEBER (University of Graz): The Past that Never Left? The Yugoslav Wars as Source of Nationalism

Chair: Guy P. MARCHAL (University of Lucerne)

Ekaterina MAKHOTINA (University of Bonn): Between Europe and the Tsardom of Russia, Between Empire and Nation: Dilemmas of Russian Politics of History

Tanja PENTER (University of Heidelberg): Independence, Revolution, War and Renaissance of National History in Ukraine

Chair: Zaur GASIMOV (Orient Institute Istanbul)

Michael BENTLEY (University of St Andrews): Nationalism in Modern British Historiography

National History and New Nationalism

Xosé M. NÚÑEZ SEIXAS (University of Santiago de Compostela): On the Resilience of National Histories: The »two Spains« vs. the Periphery?

Luigi CAJANI (University of Rome, La Sapienza): The Italian Risorgimento: a National Myth under Attack

Chair: Miloš REZNIK (GHI Warsaw)

Mordechai KREMNITZER (Hebrew University Jerusalem): New Nationalism in Israel: National History as a Political Tool

Konrad JARAUSCH (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill): National Pride Versus Self-Criticism: American Memory Wars

Neeladri BHATTACHARYA (Jawaharlal Nehru University New Delhi): Memory, History and the Politics of New Nationalisms in India

Dinner on invitation of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation


Friday 13th April 2018

Chair: Beatrice HEUSER (University of Reading)

Takashi YOSHIDA (Western Michigan University): National History and Nationalism in Japan in the 21st Century

Rwei-Ren WU (Academia Sinica): Civic Nationalism and History as Societal Consensus: An Analysis of the Movement Against the Revision of Guidelines for High School History Curriculum in Taiwan, 2014–2015

Hans VAN ESS (Ludwig-Maximilian University Munich): Chinese National History: The Manchu-Qing in New Clothes

Chair: Jean-François BAYART (Graduate Institute, Geneva)

Ibrahima THIOUB (University Cheikh Anta Diop Dakar): Mobiliser l’histoire et les historiens dans la construction de l’État-nation en Afrique: l’exemple du Sénégal

Jocelyne DAKHLIA (EHESS): La Tunisie et l’impératif historiographique de l’exception

Chair: Torsten WEBER (German Institute for Japanese Studies Tokyo)

Tanıl BORA (University of Ankara): »National and Native« – The Nationalist Discourse of AKP and Erdoğan

Thanos VEREMIS (University of Athens): A National History in Spite of a Resurgent Nationalism: The New Trends of Greek Historiography

Michael GOEBEL (Free University of Berlin): The Partisan Past: Nationalism and History in Argentina

Closing remarks and discussion Chair: Henry ROUSSO (CNRS) Comment: Guy P. MARCHAL (University of Lucerne)


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