Perestroika and the “Wild” 1990s: State, Society, and the Individual in Eastern Europe, 1985–2000

17.03.-19.03.2022, Workshop

Workshop at the German Historical Institute in Moscow, 18-20 March 2021, supported by the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Russia and the German Historical Institute in Moscow

Conveners: Kirsten Bönker (Göttingen/Bielefeld), Alexey Tikhomirov (Bielefeld)


  • The Transformation of the Political: The Waning of Authoritative Discourse, Democratization, and Civil Society
  • The Transformation of the Individual: Agency and Subjectivities in Times of Uncertainty
  • The Transformation of the Economy: Reforms, Crises, Practices, and Changing Values, part I-II
  • The Transformation of the Private: Emotions, Memory, and Generational Conflicts
  • The Transformation of the Body and Habitat: Preserving Health and Nature
  • The Transformation of Everyday Life: Leisure and Entertainment