Visions of Community in Nazi Germany. Social Engineering and Private Lives

23.05.2014, Buchpräsentation, DHI London

Venue: St Antony's College Oxford

Start: 5pm

Co-organized by St Antony's College Oxford, the German Historical Institute London and the Institut für Zeitgeschichte München-Berlin

Comments by Elizabeth Harvey (Nottingham) and Nick Stargardt (Oxford)

To what extent the Nazis managed to realize a Volksgemeinschaft (lit. ‘people’s community’), their central utopian vision of society, and how heavily German society was actually involved in this murderous project, has been heavily debated among historians in recent years. Was the proclamation of a Volksgemeinschaft only a propaganda tool with no significance for social reality or did it constitute a defining element of Nazi rule? How can the social dynamic which was instituted by the vision of a racially homogenous, meritocratic and socially ‘just’ Volksgemeinschaft be interpreted?

“Visions of Community in Nazi Germany. Social Engineering and Private Lives” addresses these questions, provides new answers and presents avenues for future research on the social history of Nazi Germany. Two leading British scholars of Nazi Germany, Elizabeth Harvey (Nottingham) and Nicholas Stargardt (Oxford), will comment on the book and discuss the value of its approach with the editors, Bernhard Gotto and Martina Steber (both Munich).

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