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The Max Weber Foundation and the Forum Transregionale Studien in Berlin cooperate to support the pursuit and to increase the recognition of transregional research. The joint project is being funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research since 2013. The collaboration includes joint conferences, summer academies, winter schools and explorative workshops designed to discover new, innovative research areas and to develop an international perspective for the humanities.  To approach younger target groups the project partners organize twice a year the so-called WeberWorldCafés bringing together people from different backgrounds and world regions. Findings from these processes are at the same time embedded in the collaborative, virtual working environment of the Max Weber Foundation. Results of the research are published at the blog portal and the publishing platform and thereby invite open discussion.

The Berlin-based Forum Transregionale Studien is a research organization that promotes the internationalization of research in the humanities and social sciences. It is dedicated to providing opportunities for scientists coming from different regional perspectives and disciplines to collaborate and it appoints researchers from all over the world as fellows. In cooperation with universities and research institutions in Berlin and elsewhere in Germany, it carries out research projects which examine other areas of the world and their relationship to Germany and Europa in a systematic manner and applying new research questions.

The cooperation is intended to make use of the complementary potential of the institutions to emphasize the internationalization of the humanities and social sciences. While the Forum invites foreign scientists to Germany to work in close cooperation with universities and research institutions on scientific programs, the Max Weber Foundation allows German scientists to work abroad.

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