The function and role of the Institutes

The Max Weber Foundation concentrates on the advancement of cutting-edge research. Originality, innovation and quality determine the research activities of the institutes, committed to a long-standing tradition and open to new research approaches and issues. At the same time, researchers work in a close network with the scientific community of their host countries and regions.  Research findings and progresses from the host country and Germany are exchanged with local analysts.

The institutes of the Max Weber Foundation emphasize their focus on the promotion of young scientists. All institutes offer internships and scholarships to university students, graduates, as well as post-docs. Scientific research of the institutes are taken into special account and impacted by the projects of younger researchers, who work for the foundation for a limited amount of time. The mobility of these researchers is of high priority to the foundation. The integration of the institutes into the disciplines of their host countries grants the employees excellent access and opportunities for their professional development and advancement.

The institutes are in close affiliation with one another, as well as universities and various other research institutions. In addition they seek regular contact and exchange with the corresponding professional associations.

The scientific libraries of the institutes of the Max Weber Foundation grant barrier-free access to printed and digital media of their respective research fields to both, researchers of the institutes as well as specialists from other countries. Through its assets and services, the libraries engage as internationally perceived information connections between Germany and the host countries and host regions.

The institutes are supported by scientific advisory councils that consist of international experts who counsel the institutes on their research profile and future development.