Dienstag, 25. November 2014

From Traditional to Contemporary Aesthetic Pratices in West Africa, Benin - Art-Histories

In collaboration with Romuald Tchibozo (University Abomey-Calav, Benin) and Suzanne Blier (Harvard University)

funded by the German Ministery of Education and Research
15.01.2015 10:26Uhr - 25.01.2015 10:27Uhr

Mittwoch, 07. Januar 2015

Van 1915: Reconstructing the Genocide, Resistance and Death of an Ottoman City - EUME Berliner Seminar

Yektan Türkyilmaz (Duke University / EUME Fellow 2014-15)

Donnerstag, 08. Januar 2015

Postgraduate Students' Conference

08.-09.01.2015, Konferenz, DHI London


Freitag, 09. Januar 2015

Allemagne 1917-1923 : le difficile passage de l'Empire à la République

9. Januar 2015, Konferenz, DHI Paris