Scholarship & Job Portal

Here you will find the current scholarship and job advertisements of the institutes and the Max Weber Foundation central office.

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Wissenschaftliche*r Mitarbeiter*in Musikgeschichte (DHI Rom)

Online since: 06.06.2024, Bewerbungsschluss: 01.10.2024

Doctoral and Postdoctoral Research Fellowships (GHI Washington)

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Verwaltungsmitarbeiter*in (DIJ Tokyo)

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GHIL-MWF Tandem Fellowship on The British Empire and the History of Colonialism (GHI London + MWF Delhi)

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Karl-Ferdinand-Werner-Fellowships 2025 (DHI Paris)

Online since: 08.05.2024, Bewerbungsschluss: 30.06.2024

Forschungsstipendien 2025 (DHI Rom)


Career opportunities

As diverse as the eleven research institutes abroad are, so too are the career opportunities they offer:

The institutes of the MWS regularly advertise positions for scientific staff ("Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiter"). These temporary positions are so-called qualification positions, which usually serve to write a habilitation or a second book and thus enable the scientific staff to qualify for a professorship. With their own project, they are also integrated into the research profile of the institute and benefit from its excellent infrastructure, networks and events.

In addition, all institutes also offer job opportunities in research services and science management. Working at a German institute abroad is an enriching experience and qualifies for management positions in science and in the administration of scientific and cultural institutions at home and abroad.


Further research and funding opportunities

In addition, the MWS institutes and the central office offer German and foreign academics a series of research and funding opportunities in the form of scholarships, summer schools, seminars, prizes etc. On an annual basis they award an average of 110 scholarships comprising around 400 scholarship months for postgraduates as well as postdoctoral researchers. With the Gerald D. Feldman Travel Grants, the central office of the MWS offers support for young academics. The funding programme connects the countries and regions of the Max Weber Foundation's institutes by means of transregional research projects.

Internships are offered at all of the institutes abroad and in the Central Office in Bonn. Since 2007 students can apply for funding for a short period of residence at the Max Weber Foundation’s institutes abroad through the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).