German students of the humanities and related disciplines can apply for various internship positions, which are available at the institues of the Max Weber Foundation as well as at its head office in Bonn. Applications should be sent directly to the institutes of the Max Weber Foundation, who decide on the candidates. Please note our principles for internships.

Preference is given to applicants who have completed a relevant undergraduate degree (such as a BA) and who have perhaps already begun their graduate thesis, so that the research and tasks completed at the institute can be used for the student's own academic work. The interns will become familiar with the work of all the departments of the institute. Some of the instutites offer internships for students of Library Science who would like to have a placement in a special library.



As an intern at the institutes of the Max Weber Foundation, you will work in the fields of Academics, Librarianship and/or Administration.You will usually have a mentor assigned to you, who will help you with both organization and content. However, it also expected that you work independently and that you contribute reliably to the institute.

Your tasks will vary from institute to institute, but if applicable, you will be simultaneously involved in all three of the above-mentioned fields.

Your future tasks might be as follows:

Academic Internship

  • Research to support the research fellows
  • Cooperation on research projects
  • Assisting in the preparation of lectures/presentations
  • Translation of source materials and the like
  • Correcting academic papers
  • Editorial support for publications

Library Internship

  • Support for library users (mostly for the researchers but also for interested individuals)
  • Electronic data input of newly-acquired materials
  • Maintenance and updates to the catalogue database
  • Preparing bibliographies
  • Becoming familiar with the library standards and practices of the host country and learning the library-specific vocabulary
  • Inventory auditing
  • Working with online databases


  • Organization, preparation and conducting of symposiums, seminars and academic lectures
  • Participation at events
  • Public relations (designing flyers, posters, etc.)
  • Correspondence, such as answering inquiries about the institute
  • Filing

As an intern at one of the research institutes of the Max Weber Foundation…

  • you get an insight into the academic research realm of the host country
  • you have the opportunity or are even specifically requested to pursue your own research projects (such as your thesis)
  • your access to research facilities and libraries in the host country is facilitated, as is your contact with local academics and professors
  • you benefit from the excellent technical equipment at the institute
  • you will work in well-equipped institute libraries
  • you will improve your language skills
  • you have the opportunity to take part in various events run by the institute (lectures, interviews, meetings) and will often be invited to prestigious official events (eg. at the German Embassy)
  • set yourself apart with scientific work such as participation in research groups
  • you have the opportunity to work closely with the research fellows at the institute
  • you get an insight into the institute's publications and will possibly even have the opportunity to work on them



Students can apply for financing for internships at the foreign institutes of the Max Weber Foundation through the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). The DAAD offers "Short-term Grants for Internships Abroad" (Kurzstipendien für Praktika im Ausland).

The funding will cover travel expenses as well as provide a monthly allowance for living expenses. Internships funded through the DAAD must have a minimum length of six weeks.

Applicants must be enrolled at their post-secondary institution for the duration of the internship. Proper health insurance is also required. If you wish to receive funding from the DAAD, please inform yourself in advance of the application conditions at the institute of your choice. We strongly recommend to start the application process at the institutes well in advance since after the positive decision of the institute further application documents have to be summitted to the DAAD. The complete application documents must be submitted to the DAAD at the earliest 56 and at the latest 32 calendar days before the start of the internship.

For more information on the "Short-term Grants for Internships Abroad", please visit the DAAD website.