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Orient-Institut Istanbul



The Orient-Institut Istanbul (OI Istanbul), which worked as a branch of the Orient-Institut Beirut from 1987 to 2009, was incorporated into the Max Weber Foundation as an independent institute in 2009. In close cooperation with Turkish and international scholars, the OI Istanbul is dedicated to a variety of regionally related research areas. In addition to the traditional Middle Eastern, historical, and philological perspectives, approaches from neighbouring sciences such as sociology, religious studies, linguistics, and musicology are increasingly incorporated. The Institute is also active in the field of academic exchange between Germany and Turkey as well as with the neighbouring regions of Iran and the Southeast Europe.





Areas of research


History and cultures of the Ottoman Empire and its successor states; history, cultures, and present of Turkey; music history and ethnomusicology; Self-testimony research; Ottoman and Turkish literature; linguistic Turkology; history, languages, and cultures of the Iranian cultural area, Caucasia and Central Asia; social sciences



Currently, the library of the OI Istanbul contains about 49,000 monographic volumes, 400 partly historical maps of the region, and 1,550 Ottoman, Turkish, and other language journal titles. 120 periodicals are on current subscription. Approximately 1,900 books and 750 journal issues are added each year. Approximately 7,300 e-books are available to readers in the Institute's network on the e-book platforms ciando and ebrary as well as al-Manhal.

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Scholarships for Ph.D. and postdoctoral students; internships; doctoral colloquia



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The podcast offers of the OI Istanbul deal with the current research foci and projects.