53 Lodi Estate (Ground floor)
Council for Social Development (CSD)
Building K. K. Birla Lane
New Delhi 110003

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Max Weber Forum for South Asian Studies Delhi



The Max Weber Forum for South Asian Studies Delhi (MWF Delhi), founded in 2021, harks back to an initiative of the DHI London and is anchored in Indian law as a German institute abroad since 2014. It plays a mediating role between German and South Asian research in the humanities and social sciences and, in keeping with its self-image, provides a free space for academic debate with and about the region of South Asia.

Located in the heart of Lutyens' Delhi and in the immediate vicinity of the historic Lodi Gardens, a park dating back to the time of the Delhi Sultanate, the Forum serves as a focal point for historical and contemporary research and shows the interconnectedness between the South Asian region and the world.


2021 (since 2014 as India Branch Office of Max Weber Foundation)


14 (9 in research, 5 in administration)

Areas of research

Historical and contemporary South Asian studies, especially educational research, knowledge production and circulation, as well as the role of knowledge in market and exchange relations


The promotion of young talents is currently being developed.


The publication programme is currently being developed.


Lectures and Seminars, Conferences and Workshops, Max Weber Lectures, Early Career Symposium, Colloquia