Qualification positions at the institutes of the Max Weber Foundation

The positions for academic staff at the institutes of the Max Weber Foundation are usually qualification positions lasting three to six years. In addition to their own research work for their habilitation or second book, the post holders at many institutes also take on institute tasks.

With their own projects, the academic staff members are integrated into the research profile of the MWS institutes. They benefit from their excellent infrastructure (library, etc.), their networks and the events they offer. At the same time, cooperation in multinational and often multidisciplinary teams is an important part of scientific work at an MWS institute. With a position at an MWS institute, comparatively long stays abroad of three to six years can be realised, which are also carried out within the framework of a salaried employment relationship (in Germany) subject to social security contributions. This is a great advantage compared to the usual scholarships abroad offered by other funding organisations. The MWS is convinced that stays abroad lasting several years are not only indispensable for the qualification of individual researchers, but also benefit science and society in the medium and long term through the acquisition of distance and intercultural competence. The institutes offer excellent conditions for the often comparative or transregional research projects of the academic staff. Both the proximity to sources and archives on site and the early integration into international networks offer ideal conditions for a successful career.

In order to promote its academic staff in the best possible way and to support them in finding further employment in academia or in areas related to academia at the end of their temporary work abroad, the Foundation‘s Board of Trustees permanent Career Paths Wouprking Gro has developed an initial catalogue of measures, which the Board of Trustees adopted on 17 May 2019.

More information on current job advertisements can be found here and on the websites of the individual institutes. If you have any questions, please contact the Max Weber Foundation's Equal Opportunities Officer, Anna Maria Boß, gleichstellung(at)maxweberstiftung.de.