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German Historical Institute Warsaw


The German Historical Institute Warsaw (DHI Warsaw), founded in 1993, was the first German historical institute to be founded abroad after the fall of the “Iron Curtain”. It harks back to the German-Polish Neighbourhood Treaty signed on the  17th of June 1991.

The main task of the Institute is to conduct academic research on the history of Poland and German-Polish relations and reciprocities in a European, international, and transregional context. The Institute conducts innovative, fundamental research that focuses on Polish history in its European contexts and the history of German-Polish relations in their entirety. With its branch offices in Vilnius and Prague, the DHI Warsaw promotes research on the history of Lithuania, the Czech Republic, and the Bohemian countries. It thereby focuses on the Central and Eastern European context as well as on the historical relations between Germany, Poland, and other countries of the region. In addition, these branches function as outreach and communication sites for the transfer of research between Polish, German, Lithuanian, and Czech historians as well as researchers from other countries and neighbouring disciplines.





Areas of research


Regionality and region-building; Religion, politics and economy in pre-modern Poland; Imperial reconfigurations. Dynamics of State and Society in the “Long” 19th Century; Global Challenge and Social Change; Functionality of History in Late Modernity


The research library of the DHI Warsaw contains 93,387 volumes and 297 current periodicals. In addition, it offers a free scanning service.


Scholarships to support research in the field of Polish, German-Polish and Polish-East Central European history that requires a stay in Poland respectively Lithuania or the Czech Republic (academic research and long-term scholarships); internships in  academic and administrative fields as well as in the library.



  • Sources and studies
  • Individual publications of the DHI Warsaw
  • Klio in Polen (Translations from Polish)
  • Klio w Niemczech (Translations from German, volumes 15–20 are also available as e-books)


Tuesday Lectures (DHI Warsaw), Monday Lectures (DHIW Vilnius Branch), Prague Lectures (DHIW Prague Branch), Scientific Colloquia (DHI Warsaw), Joachim Lelewel Talks (DHI Warsaw)

Branch offices


For several years, the DHI Warsaw has two branch offices in Lithuania and the Czech Republic. Both research institutions are managed by a research assistant on-site. Their main tasks include organising academic events and publishing historical research.

The Vilnius branch office commenced its work starting December 2017. The centrally located institution, headed by Gintarė Malinauskaitė, promotes research on the history of Lithuania in the Central and Eastern European context as well as on Lithuania's historical interconnections with Germany, Poland, and other countries of the region. In addition, the office functions as an outreach and coordination centre for research transfer between Lithuanian and German historians, as well historians from other countries.

The second branch office of the DHI Warsaw was opened in March 2018. Under the direction of Zdeněk Nebřenský, the branch office in Prague promotes academic research on Czech, German and Polish history in a European context. It is a place of communication, cooperation and exchange between German, Czech and Polish historians, while including the neighbouring East-Central European historical sciences. The Prague Dependence cooperates closely with a branch of the Collegium Carolinum Munich and with the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic.


Event recordings of lectures, conferences etc.