As diverse as the ten research institutes abroad are, so too are the support opportunities of the Max Weber Foundation. Our institutes offer German and foreign academics a series of research and sponsorship opportunities in the form of seminars, summer schools, internships, scholarships and prizes. On an annual basis they award an average of 110 scholarships comprising around 400 scholarship months for postgraduates as well as postdoctoral researchers.

Support to young academics already begins with advanced undergraduate students who can be placed on internships in academic studies, librarianship and administration. Internships are offered at all of the institutes abroad and in the Central Office in Bonn. Since 2007 students can apply for funding for a short period of residence at the Max Weber Foundation’s institutes abroad through the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).

In addition the Max Weber Foundation offers pan-institutional programmes support for young academics. Offers are tendered usually on an annual basis. You can obtain further information from our Central Office and on the following pages.