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Max Weber Foundation is a legal entity closely linked to the German Federal Government located in Bonn. It comprises eleven humanities research institutes. The Foundation’s goal is to promote research with a focus on history, culture, economic and social sciences in selected countries and to promote a mutual understanding between Germany and those countries. The Max Weber Foundation is the only German research institute which is academically active abroad exclusively due to its programme of work.

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Ausstellung: Bericht aus der belagerten Stadt Tschernihiw

01.02.2024 - 31.03.2024 | Ausstellung | Polnisches Institut in Leipzig (DHI Warschau) | vor Ort

DIJ Social Science Study Group: Feminist Foreign Policy in Japan? The Localisation of Pro-Gender Norms in Japanese Foreign Policy

21.02.2024 | Lerngruppe | DIJ Tokyo | vor Ort + online

Uffa Jensen: Terrorism and the Historiography of the Federal Republic: The Antisemitic Double Murder in Erlangen in 1980“

28.02.2024 | GHIL JOINT LECTURE | GHI London | vor Ort + online

DIJ Social Science Study Group: Christ, Codices, Coding: Applying AI to Jesuit Written Artefacts

29.02.2024 | Lerngruppe | DIJ Tokyo | vor Ort + online

Calls & Vacancies


Call for Papers: Punish and Rehabilitate through Work (19th-20th century)

Online since: 20.02.2024, Deadline: 04. April 2024


Call for Contributions: Max Weber Foundation Conference on Harmful Entanglements

Online since: 06.02.2024, Bewerbungsschluss: 25.02.2024


Call for Applications: Reisestipendium

Online since: 30.01.2024, Bewerbungsschluss: 03.03.2024


Call for Applications: Forschungsstipendium

Online since: 30.01.2024, Bewerbungsschluss: 03.03.2024


Doctoral and Postdoctoral Research Fellowships (GHI Washington)

Online since: 20.02.2024, Bewerbungsschluss: 01.05.2024


Studienkurs Rom 2024 (DHI Rom)

Online since: 20.02.2024, Bewerbungsschluss: 31.05.2024


Studentische bzw. Wissenschaftliche Hilfskraft (m/w/d) für Drittmittelmanagement (Geschäftsstelle)

Online since: 16.02.2024, Bewerbungsschluss: 03.03.2024


Mitarbeiter*in (m/w/d) für Drittmittelmanagement Finanzen (Geschäftsstelle)

Online since: 16.02.2024, Bewerbungsschluss: 03.03.2024